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Master Life Talks is a platform that presents various speakers who seek to share some ideas, concepts and thoughts towards the achievement of a more educated, inspired, informed and engaged society. 

The events of MLTs run in various locations and among various audiences including learning institutions, organizations, companies and communities. Each MLT event determines the targeted age-groups, venue and number of participants. These events can be proposed and organized by host organizations, institutions and communities. Every event is branded and co-supported by the Master Life Talks team.


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Take a step, get your own talk in your own space happening right where you are. We believe that through inspiring and informative conversations and talks we shall achieve a stronger and more innovative society. So, even if you are just an individual with an idea to share or a message to deliver or question to challenge others – reach us and we shall find space in our schedule of MLT events for you to take part and deliver your presentation.

Upcoming Master Life Talks

Join the NEXT Master Life Talk on the 2022 Calendar.

Resetting Your Mind For Personal Success

January 2022.

Evelyn Hone College – Main Hall

This talk shall help you shape your mindset to positive foundations, innovative attitude & goals.

Activating Personal Change for Progress

January 2022.

NIPA Conference Centre

This talk shall help you mould your mid to enhanced innovation, self-confidence and heightened goals.

Mounting the Mantle of Self-Belief

January 2022.

Mulungushi Inter’l Conference Centre

Being part of this space shall help you build your faith and belief in yourself towards hastening productivity.

One shall only achieve desired change once they pursue its course with full commitment.

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